Finished Cross Stitch Projects

Here are some finished cross stitch projects from the last two years. Enjoy!


Celtic Cross

This is the first one I had done in many years, from a kit I got at JoAnn’s Fabrics.


Saw eye

This is from a pattern I created myself from the ‘advanced’ pattern maker on The image is based off of a promo picture for one of the Saw movies, and it took me around six months to stitch.

The Castle

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo of this one. The pattern is called ‘The Castle’ from Dreamscape, designed by Teresa Wentzler and I got from a thrift store. It took me a little over a year to stitch, but was very much worth it. It’s very colorful and detailed.


Next up we have this little guy. I found the pattern on Penterest, and stitched it up in a day.


This is another Pinterest pattern, inspired by the TV show Firefly. I stitched this one in a couple weeks.

Beauy and the Beast

Lastly, we have this little wonder. I created the pattern from a photo I found online, using the ‘advanced’ pattern maker on, and it took me 6 months to stitch. The orange doesn’t look as prominent in person as it does in the photo, and it’s one of my favorite projects so far because it was a Christmas gift for a friend who’s favorite Disney Princess is Belle.


Those are all the finished projects so far. Hope you enjoyed looking at them!

2 Comments to “Finished Cross Stitch Projects”

  1. Maia T. says:

    I did The Castle too, and even though it was a long time and a lot of projects ago, it remains among the handful I’m most proud of.

    1. I agree 100% It’s just so detailed and beautiful. In a frame, it looks like a painting or a print!

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