Current Projects 2/14/2016

So the cross stitch project is on hold for now until I can get more thread. I’m completely out of black, and I’m still missing about 6 other colors. Here’s what it looks like for now:


In the mean time, I found lots of blue fabric at a local thrift store, and have decided to sew my own Princess Aurora costume! I have a ridiculously large chest, so in order to keep the shoulders more like in the cartoon, I’m going to make a corset to help lift and keep everything in place without the use of bra straps. That means an over-bust corset with cups. Here’s the first half of the pattern I made for said corset:


You may be able to see some pencil lines that go from ‘side 2’ up to ‘center 1’. That’s where I’m going to cut and shape the fabric, leaving a nice rounded shape for the cups. I’ve drawn the whole corset, top and all, in case I want to eventually make another one without cups.

That’s it for now! Happy stitching!


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