New Project and More Progress!

Hello everyone! I recently got in some more black thread (six skeins!) and stitched all day yesterday. I was out of commission on Saturday because of a serious, all freaking day and night long migraine, but hey, I’ve made some serious progress on my Philipp Burger cross stitch. As of this morning, it looks like this:



I adjusted the color on it so you could see it a bit better. The black doesn’t look so spotty in real life.

I‘ve also made some progress on the big Disney Princess piece. I did a quick count of the page I’m working on, and it has nineteen different shades of blue. Nineteen! But alas, it will look AWESOME! Here’s the progress so far:


It is just a small section of the fabric, so I still have a looooong way to go, but so far I’m happy.


On to the new project!

I’m taking part in an MKAL (mystery knit along for those who don’t know) called ‘Fight the Fairies’ and is inspired by a specific episode of the tv show Supernatural. The first ‘clue’ has us making knitted points as the start of our shawl. This is what I’ve knitting following the pattern so far:


It’s knit in Damselfly Yarn, fingering weight ‘sturdy sheep’ in a color I don’t remember because I got it years ago, but looks awesome.


That’s it so far. Until next time- Happy Stitching!

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