A finished project! And a few updates

YES! On 3/10/16 I finished my Philipp Burger cross stitch! Here’s the picture:


I like the way it turned out, except for those blasted lines that wont go way. Oh well. They really aren’t that visible in person.

As for the other, much more epic-ly sized cross stitch? I’ve got a bit more done. I took a break from it yesterday to do my knitting, but I’m getting back into it today. Here’s the picture so far:


Plus, I now have a Q-snap frame! I made it myself except for the snaps, which I ordered online. Here’s the project sitting in the frame (okay, I know it looks a little weird, but that’s because I only have two snaps in right now. The others still haven’t arrived):


That knitting I mentioned? I’ve finished clue two yesterday. Here’s a small sampling of what it looks like now:



That’s it for now. If you have an questions or comments, feel free to post them. Until next time- Happy Stitching!

2 Comments to “A finished project! And a few updates”

  1. emmazocco says:

    I love the colours on your KAL 🙂 looks very pretty!

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