Weekly Roundup #4

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Firstly, sorry for not posting on Wednesday. I had no idea what to write about, so instead of posting something random and weird, I just didn’t post.


On to the favorites!


This week I’m reading: Monster High 3 Where there’s a Wolf, there’s a way.

In the third installment of the Monster High book series that sparked the TV show and the movies, things are really heating up. A lot of things have gone from bad to worse, and they could still get ugly. I’m only six chapters away from finishing this and moving on to book four, and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s not too much like the TV show or the movies. I think it hits a little deeper. It’s about finding yourself, and not judging others for their skin or abilities, or who they used to hang out with.


In cross stitch:

How could I not love The Primitive Hare? Just look at those simple yet still somehow detailed fairy tale designs:

I’m also getting into The Elfin Forest’s creepy-cute designs:


And WitchyStitchArt has some great dark and nerdy references like this one for Rocky Horror:


That’s all for now. If you have any suggestions of books, stitching shops, or anything else you think I might like, leave a comment below!

6 Comments to “Weekly Roundup #4”

  1. Emma says:

    Oh I love that fairy tale pack they are gorgeous designs 😍

    1. When I reduce the number of WIPS and projects I want to do, she’s going to get sooooooo much of my money lol

      1. Emma says:

        Haha yes I’m in the same boat with wips. Too many projects!

        1. And I’m going to start 18 next month 0.0 lol Hopefully I’ll finish most, if not all, of them by June 1st

          1. Emma says:

            Oh you’re doing stitch maynia again? Cool! I’m looking forward to see which designs you chose 🙂

          2. I am indeed! In fact, I might post a list tomorrow of some of the starts I’m planning.

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