Maynia is almost upon us!

That’s right, Maynia is almost here, and so I’m going to share my plans.

Sorry for not posting this last week, Emma!


This year I’m starting 18 new projects in May. Most of them are nice and small, and should only take 3 days at most to stitch. We’ll see how that goes.


From Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue 2017:

Nevermore (measuring 130 x 59 stitches)

Welcome if you dare (35 x 101)

Halloween Advice (86 x 116)

Scary Laundry (39 x 47)


From various places on the internet:

Beauty and the Beast rose (34 x 51)

Haunted Mansion wallpaper (48 x 48)

Slytherin Crest (61 x 101)

Dark Alphabet letter K (75 x 53)

Lonely Mountain (136 x 118)

Love you to the moon and back (in inches 12 x 10, no stitch count)

Never too old (91 x 77)

Christmas Bells (90 x 45)

Loven (69 x 38)

Merry Yule ( 95 x 49)

Solstice (75 x 32)

Witch’s Kitchen (97 x 69)

Cameo (20 x 30)

Snuggle Demons (70 x 60)


Finishes so far this year: 19

That’s right! I finished two more this week! Flitwick and Haunted Birdhouse:




I even managed a little bit more work on Witch Board:



If you didn’t see Friday’s Post on my Weekly Favorites (#5), then you missed the big announcement. I have a website! A fully fledged website with blog and e-store with my own domain name! is up and running! (that’s Witchy-Crafting Through Life. Name courtesy of my little sister) It will have posts about cross stitch (of course), crochet, maybe a little knitting, origami (or my bad attempts at it, lol),cooking, life, and anything else I can think to post on it. It will also carry digital patterns from my Etsy store, where I may just hold monthly sales!


Sadly, this does mean I’m phasing out this blog. I will officially switch over to the new one on the first, but I may still post occasional updates here if you guys really want me to. Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time, Happy Stitching.

3 Comments to “Maynia is almost upon us!”

  1. Emma says:

    I thought I had missed your update! Really looking forward to your Maynia, will you also be posting your progress on your new website?

  2. I will indeed! Full details, including pictures, will be posted on the website every week 🙂

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