Such wonderful news!

Such wonderful news!

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear readers, I have wonderful news. The ever lovely flosstuber Sitcherista has posted a video review of some of my fabrics!

I contacted her last month asking if she’d like to receive a few items in exchange for a review. Clearly she said yes, and so off I went to send a fair few fabric choices her way, and the two new kits I had just come out with (there has sense been one more added, plus many more print patterns). No sooner had she received it than she messaged me, astounded at the amount I sent. Not long after, she asked that I extend the discount code I included and told me she’d be posting it on 4/30.

And so I waited. And waited. My nerves are jittery at best, so waiting that long was hell lol. The day finally came, and I woke up to 3 new orders from my etsy store! I checked, and all 3 of them used the discount code. It worked! Still filled with nerve, I watched the video (and passed it along to 3 friends for them to watch), and was genuinely shocked at how much she loved everything! Though I soon realized (and as a few people pointed out) there was a spelling error on one of my patterns (honestly! how could I have missed it?! the pattern is fixed now, at any rate), she seemed to enjoy the kits as well, and most commenters loved my fabric too.

The orders trickled in. The likes and favorites flooded in. With just 4 sales, this month rocketed into my highest grossing one since my shop’s inception. Truly, I an grateful for what this video has done, and hopefully this new recognition will secure a better income for my store, and therefore me. Should it rise enough, I just might be able to move to a better, safer home soon.

So if you’re trying to get a few more customers, or are just starting out, try reaching out to a youtuber who does videos about your kind of product! At worst, they’ll say no. At best, hundreds (if not thousands) of people will see your products, hear what someone they respect and trust likes or dislikes about it. And it’s mostly free advertising, costing you no more than a few products, and shipping.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video!


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