Stitch Maynia week one

Stitch Maynia week one

In the first week of Stitch Maynia, I stitched for me . . . Five shiny things! 

Stitch Maynia heralds the scramble to start (or work on) a bunch of projects. Some people use Stitch Maynia to just work on one project instead of their normal rotation. Whatever works for each person. This year I’m aiming to start 18, and hopefully finish them all before next month. As to my starts . . .

Okay. They’re not glittery or anything. More like the ‘shiny’ from Firefly that means ‘awesome’ or ‘great’. At least I finished two of them!

It started on the first (as you do) with The Lonely Mountain. Yes, I’m a nerd who loves The Hobbit lol. I found the pattern on the sprite stitch forums, and looks almost exactly like the drawing from the map they used, but it’s only the mountain and the dragon. After all, what’s Maynia without nerdy goodness? I’m stitching it one over one on twenty eight count monaco. Here’s what I stitched that day:

itty bitty mountain start

one day’s work on The Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit


On day two, I started and finished ‘Snuggle Demons’ (I think it’s from pixel stitch, but I’m not sure). I didn’t fill in the ghosts, but I think it’s cute. It’s a Stitch Maynia record for me! Finishing a new start on only the second day! Stitched two over two on twenty eight count monaco, here’s what it looks like now:
cute little ghosts

sometimes I wrestle with my demons, other times we just snuggle

On day three, I started a little cameo pattern I found for free on The World Of Cross Stitching’s website. Again, it’s stitched one over one on 28 count monaco. This one, I’m not sure if I like so far, but I’ll give it another day or two of working on it before I decide:

itty bitty cameo

tiny start on tiny cameo

The third was also a rough day for me. It was the two year anniversary of my dog Hagrid’s death. I was devastated, and the day still kind of upsets me. Still, I carried on.

On the fourth day, I started the rose from Beauty and the Beast. This pattern is from the Disney Family website, and features a pattern of the enchanted rose, and a tattoo style of ‘Tale as Old as Time’. However, there’s no symbols on the patterns from there. The whole pattern is just colored squares. While some people may like this, I found it difficult to even tell that there was a very pale pink in the pattern. I’m almost finished stitching with it, so at least it’s almost over lol. Once again, this one is one over one on twenty eight count monaco:
cartoon rose

Enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast

On the fifth day, I started something for the boyfriend. This one is from the DMC website, and I altered it a tiny bit. Instead of being on two lines, the words are on three, and I didn’t connect the colonial knot stars. Stitched on 14 count Swamp Monster (a fabric I carry in my esty shop!) and I finished it that night, after a number of stitching breaks:

sappy love stitch

love you to the moon and back

Today, I have no idea what I’m going to stitch. I’ll let you know next week. Are any of you guys doing Stitch Maynia this year? If so, how’s it going?

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  1. Emma says:

    Those are awesome, I really like the rose from beauty and the beast, and of course I’m sure I’ll love the lonely mountain, huge nerd here too as you know!

    1. wctlco5_wp says:

      Thank you! As soon as the mountain itself is done, I’ll get to move on to the dragon 3:)

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