This week in starts

This week in starts

A new week in starts wraps up as Stitch Maynia draws to a close. And what a week in starts it is! We also have a fair amount of finishes, if you can believe it.

We have a total of 7 new starts this week, with 3 new finishes which brings our total of finishes this month up to 5. 5 out of 12 isn’t bad at all!

Let’s go in order of work, starting from the 6th, where we left off last week in the start department.

First this week we have ‘Solstice’ from The Primitive Hare. It is stitched on standard green 14 count Aida, with High Luster Kreinik:

Merry Solstice this week in starts

Solstice pattern from Primitive Hare

Then we have Lovin, also from the Primitive Hare. This one I started and finished on the 7th, and changed the year in the pattern to the year my boyfriend and I started dating. It is stitched on a fabric I dyed myself, and that you shall see again in the next start:

Lovin from Primitive Hare this week in starts

Love never fails

On that same day, I manged to finish the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast. It’s stitched 1 over 1 on 28 count Monaco, and is so tiny that it’s barely the size of my thumb. I plan to make it into an itty bitty Christmas ornament:

Disney Rose

Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast

Then week in starts number two officially began.

It started with yet another Primitive Hare patter, this one being Christmas Bells, stitched on one of my own hand dyed fabrics (you saw the other half of this fabric in the previous start):

Primitive Hare pattern

Christmas Bells pattern

Next up was Scary Laundry from Just Cross Stitch 2017 Halloween Issue (the next few are also from there). Stitched on 14 count plastic canvas, it’s yet another hopeful ornament:

Scary Laundry

pattern from Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2017 issue

Then I started (and finished!) ‘Welcome if you Dare’. Stitched 2 over 1 on 14 count in one of my hand dyed fabrics. This one I plan to stitch together with the next day’s start to make a two sided pillow:


pattern from 2017 Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch

Which of course lends us to my start from the 11th, on the second half of the cut of fabric used in the Welcome pattern, Halloween Advice:

small start

quick start on the Halloween Advice pattern

Then we get to yesterday. In a week of starts filled with awesome projects and a few quick finishes, we have something elegant and fun. It’s a pattern I’ve been looking forward to a lot. Why? Because it’s Edgar Allan Poe inspired, that’s why! His most popular and well known poem, The Raven, inspired the designer to place the image of a raven on books in front of some very nice looking colored diamonds. Is it stained glass? Is it the cover of a book? Either way, it’s pretty, and my somewhat small start is already looking great! The pattern is called Nevermore:

Quothe the Raven

Nevermore from JCS Halloween 2017

Today I think I’ll start the Haunted Mansion Wallpaper pattern from Disney Family. I hope to make it into an ornament, so I’m going to have to do some research on different finishes.
It’s been a long week in starts, and in finishes. We still have another week of starts to go, which will hopefully result in at least a couple more finishes. As you know, the more I finish now, the less I’ll have to do later and that will take a huge weight off my back in reaching my goal this year of 50 finishes before New Years. Yes, I know. 50 finishes seems insane, but hey, I did 35 last year, so why not go for gold? At the very least, I plan to get as many of these starts done this month as I can.

Since this week in starts is so heavily loaded with Primitive Hare patterns, I thought I’d include a link to her website where you can find these patterns, and many more, for yourself!

I’m also including a link to last week’s post in case you missed it.

And that’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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