After Maynia finishes

After Maynia finishes

Maynia is over for another year. Time to work on the ‘after Maynia finishes’!

With Maynia over, but May still going, I’m working on beefing up my Maynia finishes list. I have 8 so far.

Granted, it’s not the 18 I had hoped for, but I’ll take what I can get.

Let’s get this list started, shall we?

First of the three new finishes is Merry Solstice:

Merry Solstice maynia finish

another finish

Then we have Christmas Bells:

Christmas Bells maynia finishes

second finish this week!

And then we have Scary Laundry:

Scary Laundry maynia finishes

third finish. sorry for the picture quality

I see a lot of FFO’ing in my future . . .

Can’t complain too much though. It’s not a big process, and I’ll have lots of decorations for Christmas when it’s all done.

You can find the first two patterns at The Primitive Hare (in the freebie section) and the laundry one in the 2017 Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch. For a full list of this month’s projects, please see my previous posts.

While I may not have as many Maynia finishes as I would like, it’s not a huge deal. I’ll just work a little harder for another month or two. Who knows, I may even be able to squeeze out one or two more finishes this month. We’ll just have to wait and see! I still have 27 finishes for the year so far. That’s a huge difference between now and this time last year. Heck, last year it was a shock to get 30 finishes by Christmas. I’m more than half way to meeting this year’s goal, and these Maynia finishes really pushed it forward for me. 8 finishes in a month is damn good, and nothing to sneeze at. With the pressures of Maynia over, and my etsy shop reaching 100 listings, it feels like a time of rest is at hand. I hope you, my dear readers, get plenty of rest yourself! Rest from over working, rest from over crafting (I’ve been there), and just general good amounts of sleep. I truly hope June brings you a second wind, and you accomplish everything you set out to do!


Until next time, Happy Stitching!



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