Stitching myself out of a funk

Stitching myself out of a funk

I’ve said it before. I have depression. Sometimes it’s easy to start stitching myself out of a funk. Sometimes not.

This time, surprisingly, I’m half-way out of the latest funk. The latest round of depression. Things haven’t been going well. There are personal issues I won’t talk about, but there’s my anxiety about upcoming things, knowing things may not get better, and there was the last two projects I finished. . .

For whatever reason, I ended up hating working on two of my Maynia starts. It felt like there was no stitching myself out of this funk.

Working on them had me so down, that I’ve only been able two finish those and do half of the outlining on other in the last two weeks.

Let me show you what I mean:

First we have the Halloween Advice piece. There was no way I was stitching myself out of a funk with that. I stitched a couple lines, and sketched in part of the rest of it to make it look finished so that I can sew it together with the ‘welcome if you dare’ piece later on.

no stitching out of this funk

Halloween advice. I just wasn’t that into it.

Then we have the Cameo.

I thought I would love it, but the more I worked on it, the more I disliked it. I cut it off at the neck, and outlined the hat before calling it a finish. Again, no stitching myself out of a funk with this.

stitching myself out of a funk. not with this one.

Cameo, mostly finished

What’s a stitcher to do when they don’t like what they’re working on?

Switch to something they really like, that’s what. Stitching myself out of a funk was suddenly easy again. Well, as easy as it can be. I started working on Nevermore again. I’m just working on the black outlines for now, but once I really get into it, it goes fast. I think I’ll be able to switch to a new color in a couple more days! While I’m still feeling kind of low, this distracts me, and I enjoy working on it.

stitching myself out of a funk

Nevermore progress

What am I doing in the meantime?

I’m trying to think of new patterns to add to my etsy store. Granted, I haven’t added anything at all in a couple weeks. I think I got burned out on trying to create awesome descriptions three times a week. I did think of a good idea today though. I’m going to try to draw a heart, maybe bleeding, maybe with something sticking out of it, with interesting lettering that says ‘broken hearted’ on it. Hey, gotta have a decent amount of dark themed patterns 😉 So many people are having a rough time lately. Pets are dying, relationships ending, lamenting not being in relationships for a long time. A lot of people are feeling down and depressed. I hope to help them stitch themselves out of a funk by creating patterns to fit their mood.

After that downer, let’s have a cute cat picture!

Why do they pick messy areas to be cute?

 That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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