Two finishes

Two finishes

That’s right ladies and gents. I have two finishes this week!

In a surprise twist, I have two finishes of cross stitch items this week, and got some okay progress on another project.

First finish is a commission piece (discussed last week)

The first of the AH logos is done! The first of my two finishes really didn’t take that long once I started working on it. The worst part was trying to see the holes in a dark 28 count fabric in low lighting, but really, it went by rather fast. Maybe one day’s worth of actual stitching.

first of two finishes

Then we have the Merry Yule project done!

okay, so I kinda cheated a little. I didn’t do all the presents, but still. I’m calling it done. The second of the two finishes is Merry Yule by Primitive Hare.

second of two finishes

The rest of my stitching time was spent working on Nevermore. Jut a little more gray, and the raven itself will be done!

While I still have a lot to fill in, I think the diamonds will go quickly. Just working one color at a time on the whole thing will make it go much faster, since that will mean filling in multiple diamonds at once. Here’s the picture:

not one of the two finishes

This week I also had the pleasure of seeing Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

I attended the very first showing available in my town, and I must say it was a good movie. I wanted it to be good, but I tried not to be all that hopeful, considering even the most beloved movie series can turn bad with one sequel. In essence, Fallen Kingdom is a better version of Lost World.


In Fallen Kingdom, the movie opens with some idiots trying to recover a bit of Indominus Rex bones from inside the Mosasaur enclosure. Death ensues. Then we find out that the island’s long dormant volcano is now active, and ready to erupt at any moment! Que animal rights activists! Claire leads a group of people lobbying to save the dinosaurs, and it looks like anyone in power refuses to help. Magically, she is summoned by the mysterious Mr. Lockwood (an elderly man, living in a huge estate in Northern California with it’s own museum worthy Dinosaur fossil collection, who is also obviously terminally ill) and he offers to fund an expedition to save one of as many dinosaurs as possible and transport them to a safe, remote island.

Immediately, I’m sensing the ‘Lost World’ themes, but so far so good!

Of course trouble ensues, characters are in danger, there’s lots of dino attacks, and human deaths, and then some idiots do a really stupid thing, and the good guys have to save the day.


To find out more, run to your nearest movie theater playing Jurassic World and watch for yourself. If you’re a fan of the series, you won’t regret it.


Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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