Achievement Hunter stitching

Achievement Hunter stitching

Achievement Hunter. I know nothing about you.

Except my own achievement hunter pursuits in the video games I play. Really though, I’ve never watched the youtube channel. However, I was asked to stitch the two versions of the logo for my little sister’s girlfriend, and so I started and finished the second piece (the first one can be found here). This one actually went much faster than the previous one, working up in just 24 hours, since I had a new drive to finish it:

Achievement Hunter

Achievement hunter logo

I then worked on Nevermore again.

It still feels like slow going on this, no matter what I try. At least I got most of the gold done though, right? Right. The only gold stitching left is in the border, so that should be kind of easy. I think I’ll work on the red diamonds next, to add a nice pop of color to everything. Here’s the picture:

Nevermore is not Achievement Hunter


More surprisingly, is the fact that I started and finished yet another project.

Mr. DNA! A free pattern I found online, Mr. DNA is a symbol of a movie I’ve loved since early childhood: Jurassic Park. The great thing about this one is just how much the stitched character looks like the one from the movie. Here he is, in all his glory:

Mr. DNA is also not Achievement Hunter


That is it for this past week’s stitching.

I know, it’s more than usual. Don’t get used to it lol. With no more commission stitching left right now, and no need to even look at the Achievement Hunter logo again, it’s back to Maynia stitching again until those are all finished, or I get bored of them. This coming week I think I’ll work a bit on the Haunted Mansion piece, in hopes of getting a semi quick finish. Of course I’ll also plug away on Nevermore, but I have no idea when I’ll finish that one. If I do finish Haunted Mansion this week, (or even if I finish it next week) I’ll start working on the Slytherin crest again. I actually miss working on that one, but I’ve been wanting to knock out the smaller ones first before getting back into it.

That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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