Haunted Mansion Demon Wallpaper

Haunted Mansion Demon Wallpaper

Disney’s Haunted mansion has my all time favorite wallpaper. The Demon Wallpaper.

Spooky faces glare at you from a purple background. It’s simple, black, white, and purple. You may think it’s a little creepy, as eyes stare at you from all directions. The whole thing is freaking adorable.

As you know if you kept up with May’s posts, I started my own Haunted Mansion Demon Wallpaper for Maynia.

This past week, I took out the few stitches I did, dyed the fabric purple, and restarted the whole thing. With just a few days’ worth of stitching I managed to finish it(bringing my total finishes so far this year up to 35)! But what’s this? Constance Hatchaway, the Beating Heart Ghost appears to be on the loose. Blood splatters the Demon Wallpaper from one of her husbands. Pitty, it was such a nice ceremony and blood can be so hard to get out of wallpaper.

Haunted Mansion Demon Wallpaper

Is that blood? Go ask the Beating Heart ghost

I also managed a fair amount of progress on Nevermore.

Only three more colors to go! Sure, it’s not as nifty as demon wallpaper, but it’s a pretty stained glass look, and I already have ideas of how to finish it. Here’s what I have:

Nevermore is not demon wallpaper

Almost done!

I don’t know what came over me, but I picked up that blanket I started crocheting months ago . . .

I’ve been adding a white section to it, to help the width. First was a crocodile scale row, and now I’m going in a couple different directions to add panels of sorts to the side. I have no idea when I started this thing, but if you’re really interested, you can start here, and try to find it yourself. Lord knows I can’t. Here’s a small piece of what’s new on it:

crochet scrap blanket

A bit of the blanket

I would like to remind you of something dear to me.

I have an etsy store. While I haven’t added any new patterns for a while, I still have 89 items in my shop! I also have a small selection of digital patterns available here on my website if you’d like to support me here. Hopefully I’ll get some new patterns up in both places this year, with some exclusive patterns only available here. Please comment below if there’s anything you’d like to see made into a pattern!


In non stitching related news, I recently got my cats some catnip bubbles, and it’s their new favorite toy.

Sometimes they’ll just watch the bubbles float around, other times they’ll reach and pounce and try just about anything to get their paws on them! It’s adorable! If you have cats and haven’t tried catnip bubbles, look into it. I’m sure both you and your cat(s) will enjoy it.


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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