Cross stitch Haul and update

Cross stitch Haul and update

I have a cross stitch haul! A big one, too!

A family member gave me $100 to spend on stitchy supplies, so I bought a bunch of things from!  9 Mill Hill kits, 3 Sue Hillis patterns, and 1 pattern from Diane Arthurs. With shipping, it came to $95.88, so I’m going to spend the remaining money on floss. Here’s what I got:


haul 2

haul 2

haul 3

Cross Stitch Haul 3

Haul 4

I posted the pictures on Stitch Maynia yesterday, and you can imagine my surprise when SUE HILLIS HERSELF commented on it! I gasped! I’m sure you can tell I wasn’t expecting that! I’m still happy about it lol

Now for the stitching update

I worked on the Slytherin crest more, and I’m finally almost done with the silver:

HP for the win

Slytherin Crest

I’m working on K is for Kelpie (for a couple of days) too, and now I’m almost finished with the current color:

K is for Kelpie

As for my adventures in punch needle . . .

I finished Pinkie Pie not long after I posed about her. . . she did not turn out well lol. I’m not even going to include photos, it looks that bad lol.


I can include some pictures of my Banshee so far though! It’s not the greatest, but I’m learning what kind of details work and what doesn’t, so that’s good!

punch needle progress

Punch Needle Banshee

For everything else:

I’m excited to start those 13 new projects. I don’t really know how long it will take me to finish them, or the ones I already have started from Maynia, but either way it looks like I might have more than 50 finishes this year! There are still a lot of patterns I want to stitch (including the 2 from Maria Brovko, and the remaining Princess Dresses from Brooke’s Books) so I have a bit of a full stitching plate, but hey, at least I’m not likely to be bored lol. Another good thing about this massive cross stitch haul of patterns and kits is that unless I see something I absolutely MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW I won’t need to buy any other patterns for the rest of the year (and maybe longer, who knows?)

That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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