Christmas Ornament Frenzy

Christmas Ornament Frenzy

That’s right boils and ghouls. It’s the start of the Christmas Ornament frenzy!

At least, it’s the start of me trying to stitch as many ornaments as I can in one month. Then I might go back to my normal, larger project stitching.

Last week I finished TWO projects! Two!

The first finish was the Snowy Owlet from Mill Hill. A quick little design, it stitched up surprisingly easy, with no fuss at all:

Christmas ornament frenzy

Snowy Owlet from Mill Hill

The second item I finished was ‘K is for Kelpie’.

I’m calling it an ornament, even if it wasn’t designed to be. I’m giving it to the boyfriend for Christmas. I think making him an ornament every year might be turning into a tradition.Here’s that, fully finished:

Christmas Ornament frenzy

K is for Kelpie, fully finished

If you’d believe it, I almost had another finish.

I am so freaking close to finishing the Slytherin crest, but I ran out of the last color, and no one in town sells it! I’m sending away for the thread soon, and hopefully it won’t take long to get here. Until then, those two small areas not yet filled in are mocking me:

Slytherin Crest

With that on hold, I started another ornament.

This time, it’s the harp. I want to string this harp so I can strangle it lol. In all seriousness, I had to rip out one section 3 freaking times to get it right. For some reason, I just kept missing stitches. At least I’m almost finished with the main stitching now, and can move onto the beading soon:

Christmas Ornament Frenzy

Mill Hill Harp

With the Christmas Ornament Frenzy in full swing, I think I might manage to get around 20 finishes this month. Maybe more (could be less, who knows?).

In non-stitching news, I’ve picked up perler beading again (not an affiliate link. I just want you to see what a kit looks like). This is the first time I’ve done that since I was in the single digit age range. No pictures right now, but it’s going okay. The wonderful woman I’ve adopted as my older sister has requested I make a bunch of HP things, and I’m totally down for that!


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy stitching!

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