More Mill Hill kits!

More Mill Hill kits!

Yup, I’ve been working on the Mill Hill kits all week.

Except Saturday. I barely did any work Saturday (we’ll get to why later).

So let’s start with the first finish of the past week:

Mill Hill kits
Mill Hill Harp, finished

I have to admit, I didn’t really enjoy working on the harp all that much. I think it turned out fabulously, but that’s one kit I’ll never remake while this one is still usable.

I then started and finished the polar bear!

Isn’t he adorable? It was quick, easy, and I freaking love the green beads. The picture doesn’t do them justice.

Mill Hill kits
Mill Hill polar bear

Then, if you’ll believe it, I started and finished a third kit!

‘Naughty’, one half of the ‘naughty and nice’ set (is it an official set? I’m not sure, but I’ll call it that). The beading took a while, and this is the ONE KIT that I made a bunch of mistakes on, but I still like it.

Naughty mill hill kit

With those three Mill Hill kits done, I though I’d do something different.

Yesterday I decided I needed a break. Something with less stitching, and far less beading (clearly, I needed a break from Mill Hill). So I started Sue Hillis’s ‘Christmas Time’. It’s mostly back stitch so if I had really worked on it I would have gotten pretty far. Here’s what I have right now:

‘Christmas Time’

I know, I know. It’s next to nothing. I have a good reason for not doing much work though! You see, I did something unusual for me yesterday . . . 

I played my first session of Dungeons and Dragons! 

There were laughs, there were awkward pauses, there was a whole lot of nerves. Most importantly, it was fun (on the whole. Combat was nerve wracking as hell). I know what I need to work on before my next session (That might come a little too fast if I’m not careful). Hopefully my companions will be patient with me as I learn how to use my character to greater effect. Most of us are beginners, so hey, we’ll all learn as we go along.

A bit more about stitching progress:

For whatever reason, I can’t get a new skein of the color I need to finish the Slyherin Crest without paying at least $4. I’m not paying that much for one standard skein of DMC. No way, no how. So that’s on hold for the time being. 

I’ve also been looking into how many ornament patterns I have, or just various patterns I can use parts of to make ornaments, and I have enough to make around 50 without buying new ones. With 5 more Mill Hill kits left to stitch, and many (many) more small patterns laying around, I have no idea how long it would take me to stitch all 50 ornaments, but hey, it will keep me busy lol!

I’ve been doing surprisingly well with my Etsy shop this month, but haven’t added any new patterns. My bad lol. But new patterns can take time to make them great. The longest part of that process for me is coming up with the idea, and drawing it. Neither of which has happened recently, but I’ll try to get something Halloween-ish up soon if possible. 

That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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