The problem with Pinterest

There’s a problem with Pinterest that I wasn’t aware of before.

It’s me again. I’m back much sooner than expected. Today I’m going to talk to you about a serious problem I wasn’t aware of before, and that you may not be aware of yourself. The problem with Pinterest is one that I feel needs to be addressed.

the problem with Pinterest
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Pinterest wants nearly unlimited access to your Etsy shop.

I logged on this morning to give it my customary cursory glance. I usually pop on to see if there’s any new notifications, or if something catches my eye. Something DID catch my eye this morning. A notification suggesting I claim my etsy shop. It claimed I can grow my following by ‘500%’. A mighty claim from a large website. This is what I found when I started the process:

If you proceed, Pinterest will have permission to do the following on your behalf:
Connect to your account and know your member name
Know your email address
See your inactive and expired listings
Create and edit listings in your shop
Delete listings in your shop
See your sales and purchases
Update your sales and purchase info
See your Etsy bill charges and payments
See your Etsy profile data
Update your avatar and, in the future, your Etsy profile data
See your shipping addresses
Update your shipping addresses
See, add to and remove from your favorite listings and shops
See your private shop data and Edit your shop, including description, policies, sections and banner
See, add to and remove from the listings in your cart
See your recommended listings
See your feedback
See your Treasuries (including drafts and private) and Treasury comments Create and update your Treasuries, and post Treasury comments

Let’s go into a little more detail here.

They ask for access to my email address. Yeah, sure. They have that already so why not?

They want to see my inactive and expired listings. First of all, that seems like something questionable to ask for. I could live with that, so maybe it’s okay. I’d really rather not, but if it helps, maybe. Honestly though it’s probably not something they should ever need or use

Create and edit listings in your shop. Ummmm… No. Due to the possibility of them deleting everything with no chance of getting it back, that’s a ‘hell no’ to that access.

Delete listings. What the hell? No! Why would you need that? Like the previous point, that’s a ‘no’ from me. That’s not something you need! My first reaction was ‘so you want to edit and delete things without individual permisions? Why? What would you want to do that for? What would you gain from it?’

Access private information, including changing your shipping information. NO! NO! NO! You do not get to do that! Why would you even need to?! Similarly to every point I’ve made so far, this just isn’t okay. Above all, why would they need to access and change my private information?

Add or remove favorites, add and remove items from your cart. Not as bad as accessing private information, BUT WHAT THE HELL? WHY DO YOU NEED TO DO ALL THIS?!

That’s the problem with Pinterest.

They want access to things that no one but myself should have. What business does an information sharing website have asking to be able to save and ALTER PERSONAL INFORMATION?!

It’s bad enough that standard phone apps ask for irrelevant things like access to your photos or contact information. I CANNOT, WILL NOT allow someone else to alter private information or shop listings just because they say my following can ‘increase by 500%’

Sure, I want to grow my following. Hell yes, I want my shop to get bigger, and have more customers. No, I don’t want to give up what little privacy I have with it just to MAYBE get more followers. Therefore, unless there’s a massive change in what they want access to, there’s no way in Heaven or Hell I’m giving them what they want.

The a problem with Pinterest is a big one, and people who don’t read the fine print (or the not so fine print in this case, as it was rather bold text) will suffer.

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