Reaching 50 finishes

That’s right! This week’s post is about reaching 50 finishes!

In a magical twist I managed to hit 50 finishes in October!

But first: a side note. I apologize for not posting last week. I was having a bit of a mini mental health crisis and felt it was necessary to take a few days off.

Now back to the good news.

Two weeks ago I managed to get in two more finishes, pushing me up to my goal of 50 finishes for the year!

First it was this little purple kitty (called meow, I think) from this year’s Just Cross Stitch Halloween special issue:

50 finishes!
Purple witch cat ornament

Then I started and finished this Zombie kitty from carand88 on Deviantart. If you haven’t checked her out yet you should do so. She has a heck of a lot of amazing patterns, all for free. I do plan to stitch a lot more from her, but this is a good start:

50 finishes!
Zombie kitty ornament

So here’s a picture of my pile of ornaments so far:

Christmas ornaments
Pile of Christmas ornaments

I worked a bit on the big Disney piece: 

It’s not much at all, but every little bit helps. I’ve actually done more than what this picture shows, but I didn’t feel like taking a new picture lol

not among the 50 finishes

I also started a new project.

Hamster on a toy deer from Maria Brovko:

also not among the 50 finishes
Hamster on a toy deer

Surprisingly enough I’ve made a heck of a lot of patterns for my etsy shop, and am adding them slowly.

I have more than 20 patterns to add. Some are holiday themed, some are random phrases and signs. A few are even a little sexy. Here’s just a small sample of what’s to come:

And that’s really it for now. So until next time, Happy Stitching!

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