A finish and a half

I have a finish and a half!

This will be a fairly short post, but I do have a finish and a half to show you.

First: the finish. Santa and Rudolph from Mill Hill

finish and a half: santa and rudolph
Santa and Rudolph

As for the ‘half’ of that finish and a half:

Hamster on a toy deer from Maria Brovko

the half of finish and a half
Hamster on a toy deer

That’s really it for stitching. Last week went a little slow as I adjusted to the new laptop while still trying to use the old one for work. The cats are extra playful lately (speaking of, there’s a picture of them to follow). Etsy has kept me a little busy trying to add more patterns. There’s been a huge surge of comments on here, which I’m really surprised about.

finish and a half
Random double cat picture

With the upcoming holidays:

I’m trying to get as much stitching done as possible. I’d love to do a few more ornaments before the middle of December so I can fully deck out a full sized tree if we get one. 

I also still need to do something for one of my friends, and then send it all out. Otherwise all the presents are stitched up. 

That’s really it for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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