Super short

This week’s update is super short.

I had to return the new laptop, as it was crapping out. I even got an exchange on it, and that one was worse! So it’s back to the old one for me.

I did a small amount of stitching. Slightly more than what’s shown in the picture, but still. Not a whole lot for two weeks:

Super short update
Hamster on a toy deer

I did a bit of work with my perler beads, but forgot to take a picture lol

I did add a fair amount of patterns to my etsy store in the last month.

So let’s talk about that, shall we?

‘Deer plaid 2’

I did kind of a lot with plaids and argyle kind of looks. Those fancy patterns are all on reindeer, and are full coverage for Diamond Painting and Cross Stitch.

another deer
‘Deer Plaid’

I even got a little fabulous:

Bitch I'm fabulous

I even went creepy. I’m proud of the reindeer, but damn I love the idea for this creep-tastic pattern:

super short ghost
‘Ghostly Reflection’

I have many more patterns on there. 93 at the time of me writing this, to be exact.

With Christmas almost upon us, and other holidays close at hand or almost over (I don’t want to try to list them and forget any) it’s a good time for last minute shopping.

I know I have to do some myself! Please consider purchasing from my shop here on my website, or from my shop on etsy! Even if you don’t purchase from me, there are a lot of great artists and creators who could use your help making their winter a little easier to afford.

I know this post has been super short but there is a reason for that.

I’ve been hit with an unexpected case of the blahs. I haven’t wanted to work on much of anything lately, and that’s reflected in my blog posts. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more on decorating and winter in general as I wind down this year’s stitching. I also plan to post a bit of a PSA on sexual wellness soon because let’s face it, more people should be open about staying safe!

That’s all for now. Until next time Happy Stitching!

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