Hamster on a Toy Deer

That’s right boils and ghouls! I finished Maria Brovko’s Hamster on a Toy Deer!

Roll that magnificent stitchy goodness of a cute little Hamster on a toy deer!

Hamster on a toy deer
It’s done!!!

It took a while. I’ll admit that. I started it back in October, and didn’t work on it consistently until just a couple weeks ago.

So let’s look at more pictures of it

That brings my total number of finishes for the year (so far) up to 56! I can’t believe I breezed past my goal for the year! To celebrate my latest finish I bought a new embroidery pattern.

That’s right. I said embroidery.

And it’s Harry Potter themed.

This is what I have so far (I started it this morning):

not a hamster on a toy deer, but it will be cool

That’s really it for now. 

I still need to make that post about condom equality (that will make sense when I do it). I also need to try to make as much progress on this HP thing as quickly as I can so I don’t drive myself crazy with it lol.

Other than that, there isn’t much left to do around my place. What are your plans for Christmas? Do you celebrate a different holiday? Hit me up in the comments below! 

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