2018 in review

As the year draws to a close, and I set about my ‘2018 in review’, I can’t help but marvel at my stitching progress.

My goal this year was 50 finishes. Yes, 50. More than double last year’s goal of 20. I knew a lot of my finishes would be small, but I didn’t realize how many would be fairly large! More than that I thought it might take all year to finish 50, so I was surprised when I reached 50 in November, and ultimately breezed past that to 54 finishes!

So let’s get this 2018 in review post on the road! All pictures will be found throughout my blog. I’ll be adding some of my favorites on this post to make it easier for you. You may note some finishes are out of order. That’s because they’re in order of when I started them, and I don’t include that date in this list.

2018 in review: 56 finishes edition

1: Irish (slan) from Primitive hare- finished 1/7/18

2: Firefly Fairies from Lavender and Lace- finished 1/14/18

2018 in review

3: Witchy Woman Apothecary from (I don’t really remember)- finished 1/24/18

4: Dark Shadows 1 from Sue Hillis- finished 2/1/18

5: Draculaura from me- finished 2/8/18

6-10 Dark Shadows 2-6 from Sue Hillis- finished 2/18/18


11: Tigerlily from Brooks Books- finished 2/26/18


12: Evening in the Shire from Maria Brovko- finished 3/11/18

2018 in review

13: Nevermore by me- finished 3/3/18

14: Boo a latte by someone in a magazine- finished 3/13/18

15: Witchboard (okay, I’m not going to include who these are by from here on out unless I know off hand) -finished? nope. I still have a lot of the border to do

16: Besieged – finished 3/24/18

17: Annabel Lee by me- finished 3/29/18

18: Flitwick Christmas by me- finished 4/22/18

19: Ciel Phantomhive by me- finished 4/19/18

20: Haunted Birdhouse- finished 4/26/18

21: Lonely Mountain- finished 6/29/18

22: Snuggle Demons- finished 5/2/18

23: Cameo- finished 5/31/18

24: Beauty and the Beast rose by Disney- finished 5/7/18

25: To the moon and back – finished 5/5/18

26: Solstice by Primitive Hare- finished 5/21/18

Merry Solstice maynia finish

27: Lovin by Primitive Hare- finished 5/7/18

28: Christmas Bells by Primitive Hare- finished 5/23/18

After Maynia finishes

29: Scary Laundry- finished 5/27/18

30: Welcome if you dare- finished 5/11/18

31: Halloween advice- finished 5/29/18

32: Nevermore (from a magazine)- finished 7/19/18

33: Haunted Mansion wallpaper by Disney- finished 7/13/18

34: Merry Yule by Primitive Hare- finished 6/20/18

35: K is for Kelpie (part of Dark Alphabet)- finished 8/2/18

36: Slytherin Crest- finished 8/28/18

37: Never too old by Theresa Wentzler- Finished 10/19/18

38: Achievement Hunter 1 by me- finished 6/20/18

39: Mr. DNA- finished 7/3/18

40: Achievement Hunter 2 by me- finished 7/5/18

41: Snowy Owlet by Mill Hill- finished 7/30/18

42: Harp by Mill Hill- finished 8/5/18

43: Polar Bear by Mill Hill- finished 8/7/18

44: Naughty by Mill Hill- finished 8/11/18

45: Christmas Time by Sue Hillis- finished 8/19/18

46: Nice by Mill Hill- finsihed 8/25/18

47: Violin by Mill Hill- finished 8/27/18

48: Disney castle ( for a friend)- finished? Not even close

49: Anna by Brooks Books- finished 10/4/18

Anna is finished
50: Kris Mouse by Mill Hill- finished 10/13/18

51: Witch Kitty- finished 10/20/18

52: Zombie Kitty- finished 10/21/18

53: Hamster on a toy deer by Maria Brovko- finished 12/15/18

Hamster on a toy deer 2018 in review

54: Celestial Sleigh by Mill Hill- finished 11/14/18

55: Santa and Rudolph by Mill Hill- finished 11/17/18

56: Batty Halloween- finished 11/26/18

57: (sort of) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. I’m a couple days away from finishing it, and it’s only kind of cross stitch. It’s mostly embroidery, and you won’t see a picture until it’s done.

So that’s it. That’s all the stitching I’ve done this year. What a year it’s been. I’ve done a lot in my etsy store as well, and if you haven’t checked that out you should! So now that 2018 in review is over, how have you done? Did you accomplish your goals?

Until next time, Happy Stitching, and Happy New Year!

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