Interview with a Dungeon Master: part one Rachel

Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeon Master edition

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Here we shall discuss that most classic of nerdy table top games: Dungeons and Dragons. Today you’ll be interviewing Rachel, my personal Dungeon Master (or DM for short). All pictures on this post are courtesy of Bing.

And now a few words from my Dungeon Master:

When did you start playing DnD? I started playing regularly on November 25th 2017. I did a one-shot a few years prior that deterred me…but the whole concept seemed too intriguing to stay away for much longer.

Dungeon Master
Dungeons and Dragons. A high fantasy game

Why did you start? It was the intrigue and curiosity, as well as being enthralled with the Livestream show Critical Role.

What made you decide to become a Dungeon Master? It was a mixture of wanting to try something new, to see if I can even do it, and inspiration from again, Critical Role.

Do you prefer being a player or DM? Why? 

It depends on the group. I have been a player for so long that I instinctively react as a player and not as a DM, but certain groups that I have run have a dynamic or make decisions that I sometimes think “That’s so cool I wish I could join them”. Overall I think I like being a player more due to the fact that DnD is like a call and respond mechanic to where DM calls out a description, scenario and you respond with “Can I do this or that”

With a DM, a lot of the times…you can prepare for a lot of things or hint at where you want the party to go…but the party may have other ideas that you are scrambling to fill in whether it’s a character, city, storythread, etc.

Interview with a Dungeon Master
A Dungeon Master screen

What’s your favorite part of being a player? a DM? Player: The inside jokes that get developed, the character comradery that slowly creeps into the players,

Dm: Uncovering a cliff hanger that you didn’t think would be a cliff hanger, but the timing was perfect. Seeing how the party bands together to work out problems or strategize the next decision.

Having only been a DM for less than a year it’s quite nice to slowly see the acquaintances develop into possibly something more.

What do you like least?¬†Player: The backseat DM when it’s not needed, players that don’t know the basics of playing and it’s like the 7th or 10th game. Players that hog the spotlight, make all the decisions and don’t communicate.

DM: Having to create an adventure that is fun for myself and the players and having to come up with a lot of fillers for the adventure.

Interview with a Dungeon Master. They're not all evil
Evil DM is Evil

Tell us about your character

My main character is a lvl 6 High-Elf Ranger. She started as a role playing character inspired by the old 80s anime Ronin Warriors and she evolved into the ranger I play now.

Have you had any other characters? Yes, 1. My secondary is with an older edition of DnD and she’s a Human Druid.

Interview with a Dungeon Master
A Druid

Do you have plans for future characters? Yes. I will be playing a new character: a Tiefling Cleric next Saturday for a friend’s game that she wants to run.

What is your favorite thing you’ve seen another player do? There was a Bard in one of my campaigns that I play in, and he would burst into song randomly which was always nice. There was one time I made a character drunk. and another time my character was changed into a Siren, and we jumped from a cliff into the ocean . . my other player who was a druid turned into a shark to save us and I or another charmed player punched her in the shark nose.

Any advice for newbies? 

Don’t let anyone tell you you are not good enough to play and can’t play any games. Be open to assistance when it comes to rules, game play, character suggestion and don’t take it as a negative. Most of all have fun…you are the best player you can be…comparing yourself to other players/DMs isn’t the best mindset to play in.

Thank you so much for your time Rachel! I hope to have many more adventures with you in this crazy, fun game, full of dungeons and dragons.

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