Starting Ariel

This week I went about starting Ariel!

On Thursday evening I decided to break out my supplies for Ariel of the Brook’s Books Princess collection. Two full days after starting Ariel, I have a decent amount done! Here she is so far:

Starting Ariel
Ariel so far

As for Witch Board . . .

I had to stop for now (hence starting Ariel) because I ran out of thread for the boarder colour. I did however have enough thread to finish the sun with a slight alteration. I didn’t like the dark orange so I didn’t include it. I also changed one of the cats to a brownish variegated thread so it would look a bit like my cat Crookshanks. Here’s what I have:

Witch board, not Ariel
Witch Board

That’s really it for stitching updates.

I have no idea what my next project will be after I finish one or both of these two. I know I should work more on my friend’s Disney piece but I really see why she stopped working on it. As nice as it is, it takes a lot out of a person. Especially when you have to use Glisten Gloss (shudder).

I still have patterns to upload to my shop but unless I get a lot more orders in, they’ll have to wait until next month. Advertising for a couple weeks cost me a pretty penny, but hey. Maybe it will bring me more customers!

I’m getting back into DnD again!

As you may have seen from last night’s post, I’m starting a new series here interviewing players and DMs. My group’s game has started up again but it’s a while in between sessions because of scheduling conflicts. During the last session my character decapitated two characters! I am feeling good about multiclassing now!

starting Ariel. This is not related.
Evil DM Is Evil. Mine is not.

That’s it really. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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