Missing Beads

Some missing beads have prevented me from finishing Ariel.

Honestly, it’s really annoying. I ordered some new beads because I ran out and still needed a lot of them so I could finish the bottom of Ariel’s dress. They were supposed to be here already but are so far still MIA.

Without those missing beads I’ve finished all of the stitching and almost all of the back stitching (there’s one spot that I haven’t gotten to yet). Here’s what it looks like now:

With Ariel on hold for now, I picked up Witch Board again.

I got the floss in from 123 stitch after a bit of a wait. Apparently they had a problem with some DMC not arriving on time. Anyways . . . I started up on Witch Board again and didn’t get a whole lot done, but managed to do one spider on the boarder, and the right side outline of that section. Here’s what it looks like:

this one has no missing beads, because there are no beads
Witch Board

In other news:

As I type this, my cat Spooky decided to lay on my arm and wrist to purr and get snuggles. Not complaining too much. I love my sweet little kitty.

I have, however, released NEW CROSS STITCH BOOKS IN PRINT! (as of today only one of them is available, but the other one will come out soon). May I introduce Cross Stitched Gothic Homemaking? It’s a book full of Gothic themed patterns. Check it out if you want 😉

That’s really it. I’m going to eventually add more patterns to my etsy store, but I haven’t done it yet. There are going to be a lot of them though! I’m still waiting on those dang missing beads to come in. Hopefully they will soon so I can take the half a day’s work to finish off Ariel.

So until next time, Happy Stitching!

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