Still no beads

Still no beads. None. They haven’t shown up.

So Ariel is completely off the table for now. I did however finish Witch Board on Thursday! I even laced it. I just have to get around to attaching a hanger. Here’s what it looks like:

Still no beads. good thing this one doesn't need any
Witch Board

With still no beads showing up (can you tell I’m annoyed?) I’ve been working on Rachel’s project again.

It’s slow going sometimes but it’s getting done. Here’s what the section I’ve been working on looks like:

no beads in this section
the Disney one. No beads in this section though

That’s all the stitching I’ve been doing.

I’ve been waiting for the mail to give me what I want, but with still no beads and not being able to finish Ariel I feel like I haven’t gotten much work done so far this year.

Did I mention last week that I got ordained? Yeah. I’m an ordained Minister. It surprised me too. Honestly I’ve been thinking about doing this for over a decade because I got tired of seeing churches and other religious organizations/people deny nice couples ceremonies just because they’re not part of their church or don’t want to go with that church’s rules, or are gay. What really spurred me into getting it after all this time was my little sister asking if I knew anyone who was ordained so they could perform her wedding ceremony next year. I didn’t, so I offered to do it myself if they can’t find someone else. They’re still looking, but it’s nice to know I could do it for them.

So yeah. Ordainment. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it soon, I just need the county clerk to actually get back to me and answer a simple question. Yes, I’m annoyed about this too.

Anyways. That’s it really. So until next time, Happy Stitching.

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