A Halloween Finish

I have a Halloween finish!

Well, a Halloween themed finish. I needed a bit of a break, so I did some light work on a backstitch piece. It’s from the 2018 Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue. Here’s what it looks like:

a halloween finish. a halloween poem on watermellon fabric
a Halloween poem

Before my Halloween finish I did a page finish on the big Disney piece.

It’s coming along nicely, and I really want the rest of this project to go as quickly. Here’s what it looks like:

a bunch of trees

I’ve also ordered some watercolor pencils.

I’ll be working with those for a while, possibly turning drawings into patterns, maybe even selling digital prints of them. Who knows? I’m looking forward to expanding my art abilities though! I also hope to design a number of Halloween items to add to my ever growing list of ‘Halloween finishes’.

I said at the beginning of this post that I needed a break. I still kind of do. I need a break from doing the same things, waiting a long time to see something finished. I need to work on something for my little sister, but I’m dragging my feet. It’s one of those times where I need to reset my mind. Get out there and do something different.

I’m getting my old laptop fixed this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to transfer everything onto it and be more productive. I had to wait for my repair guy to tell me exactly what part I needed to order, and then I had to wait for that order to come in (it took a few days less than expected). It will be so nice to have a fully functioning laptop again. Especially one that won’t overheat or freeze randomly!

That’s really it for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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