Welcome to the home page of my website! I hope you find something entertaining or useful here. I’m always trying to learn new things to improve this website and frankly like in general. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


As stated, this is the handy dandy home page. As a quick guide if you haven’t used a website like mine: If you would like to see what I’m up to, hit ‘blog’. If you’d like to see a small selection of patterns I’m selling here, hit ‘store’ or ‘free patterns’ for: you guessed it. Free patterns. If something isn’t working please leave a comment on a post, or email me at witchywoman@w-clt.com 

The home page shall act as your landing page when you navigate to this ever improving website, and shall hold important updates should there be any.

Home page
Me, your author

On this site you will find a few topics being discussed. Mainly crafting. Hey, that’s my home world, and what I’m usually most comfortable talking about. I also occasionally discuss mental health, family dynamics, and nerdiness. It is my intent to eventually add a section for my creative writing, and one for my hilarious DnD adventures. Who knows, I may add some stuff about general wellness too!